PowerOne is expanding its service offerings in Ohio to include natural gas, which could potentially double revenues received from operations in that state. PowerOne recently obtained licensing to sell natural gas in Ohio, where it has been licensed to sell electricity for some time.

“Expanding our natural gas operations in Ohio is a huge step forward,” stated CEO George Wahbeh. “By enabling PowerOne to participate in the brokerage of natural gas in addition to electricity, our company is poised to better address the cost-saving requirements of our customers while greatly increasing top-line growth.”

By obtaining licensing for both energy types in Ohio, Wahbeh and PowerOne have positioned the company for long-term success in this booming market.

“Until recently, we have been unable to fully tap the potential of the Ohio market,” said Jeff Moses, CMO of PowerOne. “With over 11 million residents living in Ohio—not to mention the state’s significant commercial base—it was absolutely critical for PowerOne to expand our offerings to include natural gas.

By offering both electricity and gas, we can address customer needs on a seasonal basis. For example, customers might be more interested in saving on gas during winter and electricity during the summer, allowing PowerOne greater overall penetration in this lucrative market.”