Chicago, Illinois, May 22, 2014 – Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) recently announced that starting June 1st, consumers can expect to see a 21% increase to their energy bills…just in time for the hot summer months. With the cost of electric power on the rise, even customers of competitive suppliers will feel the impact on their wallets.

Many consumers feel as though there is very little they can do to control this vast increase in their monthly expenses. However, PowerOne, Your Energy Advocate™, has something to say about that. By leveraging its strong relationships with suppliers and expertise in the industry, PowerOne customers can receive the lowest possible prices on their energy bills and lock in competitive fixed rates. Best of all, PowerOne provides its advocacy services free of charge to consumers.

Residential consumers are not the only ones being impacted by the ever-increasing costs of energy. In fact, businesses around the country will feel the sting of the rate hikes even more so. PowerOne helps companies lock in fixed rates with a reliable and competitive supplier that is right for them, eliminating the worry of unpredictable overhead.

“After facing one of the worst winters in nearly thirty years, the already volatile electric commodity market has seen significant increases in pricing, affecting consumers across the country. This is exactly the environment in which PowerOne’s unique business model excels by offering low fixed rate contracts tailored to the customers’ particular needs. Our services create budget certainty and price protection from future increases,” stated George Wahbeh, president and CEO of PowerOne.

Mr. Wahbeh continued, “Unlike most energy brokers, PowerOne’s Energy Advocates follow up with our customers before contract expiration so they can renew with the most competitive supplier at that particular time. After all, supplier pricing changes often. Our goal is to provide the best pricing and the right plan to meet the current and future needs of our customers.”

PowerOne’s unique business model puts consumers back in the driver’s seat. In deregulated states, energy users are no longer captive ratepayers to utilities. PowerOne recognizes that savvy energy consumers now have the freedom to choose suppliers. By doing the shopping on its consumers’ behalf and recommended trusted suppliers, PowerOne provides savings, price certainty and industry-leading service.

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